With information being more prevalent and the modern consumer becoming increasingly market savvy,  there tail industry is evolving at a rapid pace to serve the consumer better. While the retail Industry has been early adopters of IT, the increasing sophistication of consumers provides compelling reasons to leverage IT to brand and capture mind share with each consumer. Organizations are looking to optimize their supply chains, become more creative with their marketing campaigns(digital and mailers) and understand the rapidly evolving tastes of their consumers.

Enterprise retailers are some of the most sophisticated users of digital marketing technologies. In fact, 98% of Top Performing retail organizations consider their digital customer experience a source of competitive advantage. But addressing rising consumer expectations for personalized, timely, and channel-appropriate communications is a huge challenge for retailers. Consumers have exceedingly high expectations for theire commerce experiences, which means websites must be dynamic and back-office web support must evolve to meet these challenges head on. At the same time,multi-national organizations need efficiencies on content creation,procurement, online commerce, and brand management. 

This Deep Dive will explore how Top Performing enterprise retail organizations with an e-commerce web presence are aligning Web Content Management (WCM) and other internal systems to deliver a unique multi-channel digital experience to achieve above-average performance in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and customer acquisition. 

Talking Points

  • Integration with back-office systems was one of the top value drivers for maximizing the return on investment for Top Performers. 
  • 98% of Top Performing retail organizations consider their digital customer experience a source of competitive advantage. 
  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of all respondents indicated changing consumer preferences and channel proliferation were the top two challenges. When asked if the organization had a five year plan for addressing these challenges, only 26% of marketers said yes. 
  • Seventy-four percent (74%) of Top Performers allow marketers to own and maintain web properties.